Nov 20, 2017

World Champion City Helps World Championships with Production!

GVPmedia, Inc. is excited to be partnering with Sports Anaheim to bring the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) World Championships to the United States for the second time in recent years. The last Championship, in Houston, TX, brought the event to the United States for the first time in four decades. Due to the event’s success, IWF decided to bring the Championship back to the U.S., hosting it this year in Anaheim, California.

Houston based company, GVPmedia, Inc. (GVP) is responsible for all the audio-visual, set design, and competition stage production in conjunction with Lagadere Sports who’s providing the international broadcast. The event takes place Nov. 28 to Dec. 5, 2017 with 72 participating countries competing for the gold.

In 2015, GVP provided the first, state of the art LED video wall backdrop to ever be seen at this event. With the added lighting design and heightened production value overall, they helped set a new standard for the IWF World Championships. This year, they continue to raise the bar. The set design includes an LED wall backdrop with barbell weights flanking either side of the stage. They also created custom graphics and lighting designs to display in coordination every time an athlete makes a good lift, establishes a new record, or receives the dreaded “no lift” from the judges.

“The production of an event sets the overall tone and can make or break the attendee/viewer experience. We incorporate videos and graphics that have the ability to transform the set design, tell a story, and engage the audience. IWF, Sports Anaheim, and USA Weightlifting understand the value in great production, which is why they hire us,” said Gabby Schmees Producer and Director of Business at GVPmedia, Inc.

GVP is an experiential event production company that focuses on creating impressions that last. Based in Houston, TX the company travels around the globe to create flawless events, producing Bigger   BadderBolder results.

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