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"I dream of painting and then I paint my dream"

Vincent Van Gough

Set Design

A great design is a crucial piece that sets the tone before the event or video shoot even begins. If you’re looking for a wow-factor you’ve come to the right place. Sit with our creative and design team to gain inspiration and come up with something unique, specifically designed for your event. The process starts with understanding the event goals, and then we discover the various elements that appeal to you and your audience. We usually start with some simple sketches or building blocks that later develop into 3D renders, pre visualizations, or a virtual reality walk through, until finally all the ideas and plans become a live reality.

HINT! Definitely include GVP (your AV Provider) in the design process because nobody knows these products better. The collaboration may give you ideas and possibilities you didn’t even know existed!

Video Production

GVP was founded by an Emmy Award winning video editor, with over 20 years of experience in video production. Whether you need IMAG (live video feed) at an event, recordings, or custom created videos all the way from ideation, to script writing, talent hiring, filming, voiceovers, editing, and animations – we’ve got you covered.

HINT! Some people believe all it takes is a good camera to produce a great video, but the quality of your videos start with your cameramen and video director. We can do a lot with post production, but we can't unblur an image or recreate footage that was never captured.

LED Wall

CAUTION: Will draw lots of attention and cause deep satisfaction

LED Video Walls are a fantastic tool to vamp up your set design. They provide a unique way to give sponsors recognition, and their display capabilities are limitless. With the advancements in technology, we are no longer limited to standard rectangle screens or displays;

They curve, they flex, and they create various shapes and designs. Both for permanent installation and for rental, we custom spec all of our LED walls to provide the best quality products for our clients. We carry products ranging from 1.5mm all the way to 25mm pixel pitch and have the ability to display up to 8K visuals (based on product).

HINT! When choosing a product, don’t get caught up on the pixel pitch. A 1.5mm product is not necessarily better than a 5mm or 10mm product, contrary to popular belief. It all depends on the viewing distance and the content being displayed. If you’re using the screen for broadcast or film, make sure you’re using black LED.

TVs & Touch Screens

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference. Touchscreens are great for interactive spaces and we can even create custom content, graphics, and apps to be displayed! We also offer a range of TV monitors, complete with your choice of tabletop or floor stand and all the essentials you'll need to connect.

HINT! Products such as these are recommended for indoor use. If you need visuals for outdoors, we suggest looking at LED wall options.

Video DJ (VJ)

Visually transform your mind. Concerts, festivals, and artists hire VJs from all over the world to create visual effects during their shows. Several of our video techs are specially trained in this area, and will take care of all the details from advancing with the artists to scrubbing riders and providing content masks. We have a full library of VJ content or the ability to custom create content for your event (check out the content creation page for more details on that)

HINT! Providing music beforehand will make for a much better show, but is not a necessity if you’re just looking for what we call “eye-candy” visuals to move with the music.


Quality sound is the key to almost any event. If your audience can’t hear the message, it’ll be difficult to accomplish your event goals and objectives. GVP’s inventory of audio gear is well equipped for any size production – from live events to video shoots, we’ve got the consoles, wireless systems, speakers, and signal processing to make it great. 

HINT! The greatest audio equipment in the world will sound like garbage if you don’t have the proper personnel to setup and operate it


Never underestimate the power of lighting. Lighting is a strategic tool that can transform a room or stage into something spectacular. Whether you need uplighting, stage washes, moving lights, spotlights, blinders, TV lighting, or anything else, we’ve got quality products that you can count on.

HINT! When using moving lights, spend the additional money to get any necessary permitting for the hazer/s to make sure you’re using the lighting to it’s full potential. Using 10 moving lights with a hazer will make more of an impact than 20 moving lights without haze.

Rigging & Automation

Rigging is incredibly important when it comes to safety and GVP is dedicated to creating a safe environment at every event. If you want to make a BIG impression, consider splurging on an automation system that will take your event to the next level, allowing you to synchronize movement in combination with your audiovisual products. 

HINT! If you’re in a venue that doesn’t have rig points or where your rigging bill is more than the production itself, ask us about our fully ground supported rigging structures.


Lets get it on!

Ok… so perhaps this isn’t the most glamorous part of production, but it's absolutely necessary to ensure a quality event. After all, if we want to use all these products, we need to make sure everything turns on.

HINT! Don't ever plug into a power source that's not been assigned to you. Insufficient power at an event could lead to damaged equipment, resulting in production failures.

Staging: The world is your stage

We offer various types of staging to give you a one-stop-shop for all of your event needs. We work with the best in the business to provide you with custom stage designs that are flawless. We own a variety of stage toppers, but leave the staging itself to our trusted partners. This allows us to give our clients endless options when it comes to stage design. From stagelines to steel deck, from tiered stages to round and abstract shapes, from LED flooring to carpet, high gloss/Marley covers, or anything else in between, we make sure you’re setup with the best.

HINT! A leveled stage deck makes for a smoother production.

Special Effects, Projection Mapping, & New Technology

From the first ever non-pyro spakulars, to holograms, projection mapping, drones, pyrotechnics, confetti cannons, snow fall machines, and everything else in between – ask us about what we have in inventory to add some extra pizzaz to your event.

HINT! If you’re looking for something that’s never been done before, let us know. We travel around the world to learn about the latest in technology and prepare for what hasn’t even been released yet!

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